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Title Scripture Reference Speaker Date Time Series Additional file
  Misconceptions about God's Grace Harold Hancock 2010-10-24 45:17 Weekly Sermons
  Spiritual Blessings in Christ from Ephesians Reagan McClenny 2010-10-17 36:43 Weekly Sermons
  Understanding Authority: Common Sense Biblical Interpretaion Reagan McClenny 2010-10-17 40:14 Understanding Authority
  The Authority of the New Testament Reagan McClenny 2010-10-10 42:13 Understanding Authority
  The Sign of Jonah Reagan McClenny 2010-10-03 38:43 Weekly Sermons
  Authority: Where Do We Get It? Reagan McClenny 2010-10-03 39:03 Understanding Authority
  Anger, Wrath, and Bitterness Reagan McClenny 2010-09-26 39:40 Weekly Sermons
  What Makes Us Different As Christians Reagan McClenny 2010-09-19 37:58 Weekly Sermons
  Godly Priorities from Haggai Reagan McClenny 2010-09-05 36:17 Weekly Sermons
  Do We Overemphasize The Bible? Reagan McClenny 2010-08-29 46:18 Weekly Sermons
  Back To School Reagan McClenny 2010-08-22 36:06 Weekly Sermons
  Why We're Just Like Solomon Reagan McClenny 2010-08-15 40:07 Weekly Sermons
  Is It Reasonable to Believe in God in this Scientific Age? H.E. Buddy Payne 2010-08-02 58:20 Weekly Sermons
  I Will Be Sincere in My Religion Reagan McClenny 2010-08-01 41:04 Weekly Sermons
  The Day of the Lord Reagan McClenny 2010-07-25 35:22 Weekly Sermons
  Practical Admonitions from the Resurrection Reagan McClenny 2010-07-18 35:03 Weekly Sermons
  True Repentance Part 2 Reagan McClenny 2010-07-11 40:26 Weekly Sermons
  Increasing Our Faithfulness Reagan McClenny 2010-06-27 38:17 Weekly Sermons
  True Repentance Part 1 Reagan McClenny 2010-06-20 36:30 Weekly Sermons
  What It Really Means To Know God Reagan McClenny 2010-06-13 00:00 Weekly Sermons