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Sermons of Reagan McClenny

Reagan McClenny



Reagan McClenny has preached the gospel since 2004.  After spending three summers in a preacher-training program with Bro. Wayne Fancher in Lindale, TX, he preached at the Lindale church of Christ for four years before coming to the Timberland Drive church of Christ in 2010.  Reagan has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and believes that the best preaching is simple, grounded in the Biblical text, clear and practical.

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Title Scripture Reference Date Time Series Additional file
  A Kingdom Of Priests pt 2 1 Pet 2:42017-09-1700:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Kingdom Of Priests pt 1 1 Pet 2:92017-09-1000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Joseph - An Example of Forgiveness Gen 50:152017-08-2700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Modesty: Professing Godliness With Good Works 1 Tim 2:8-102017-08-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Does God Define Nakedness? 2017-08-1432:34 Weekly Sermons
  Alcohol and the Christian 2017-08-0642:37 Weekly Sermons
  Be Angry And Do Not Sin Eph 42017-07-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Live Like A Christian, Not A Corinthian Rom 1:202017-07-1600:00 Weekly Sermons
  5 Characteristics Of Disciples Of Christ Matt 28:18-202017-07-0900:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's Right With This Church Rom 1:82017-06-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Forgetting Spiritual Baggage Phil 3:12-152017-06-1100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Avoiding Adam & Eve's Marriage Mistakes Gen 22017-06-1100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Things Concerning Himself Luke 24:132017-06-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Power And Preference of Jesus PART IV Isa 35:32017-05-2800:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Power And Preference Of Jesus PART III Matt 4:232017-05-2100:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Power And Preference Of Jesus PART II Matt 4:232017-05-1400:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Power And Preference Of Jesus Matt 4:232017-05-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  When Our Bithynia Becomes Troas - How To Deal With 2nd Choices Acts 16:62017-04-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Cross of Christ Matthew 26-272017-04-1649:23 Weekly Sermons
  Can I Swear An Oath To The Lord? Ma63:2017-04-0900:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Covenants of God - 5 Key Old Testament Passages Gen 22017-04-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Anti-Venom For A Poisonous Tongue James 3:172017-03-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Worship: A Reflection Of God Deut 16:13-142017-03-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Raising Christian Children to KNOW God 1 Sam 2:122017-02-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Glimpse Of God On His Throne Rev 4&52017-02-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Lessons From The Tower Of Babel Gen 112017-02-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Children....Where Do You Fit? Eph 6:12017-02-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Alleged Bible Contradictions & A Hockey Game John 20:30-312017-01-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Consequences Of Sin Gen 3:142017-01-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Whose Approval Do We Seek? 2 Tim 2:152017-01-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Dealing With Physical Family In A Spiritual Way 2 John2016-12-1800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Love Without Hypocrisy Rom 12:92016-12-1100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Importunity Luke 11 & 182016-12-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Does God Give Us Strength: Part 2 - The Whole Armor Of God Eph 6:102016-11-2700:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Does God Give Us Strength: Part 1 - The Whole Armor Of God 2 Cor 12:82016-11-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  I'm Not A Legalist (Whatever That Is) Rom 3:192016-11-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Lessons From The Pit Of Pain - Oh Lord, God Of My Salvation Psa 882016-11-0600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Seeing My Level Of Faith From The Gospel Of Matthew Matt 8:282016-10-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Habakkuk 2016 - How Long, Oh Lord? Habakkuk2016-10-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  What This Election Reminds Us About Sin 2 Pet 22016-10-1600:00 Weekly Sermons
  God Is In This Place - Seeing Jacob'sLadder Gen 28:102016-10-0900:00 Weekly Sermons
  What The Church CAN Do 1 Cor 12016-09-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Satan's Tunnel-Vision: Think On What Things? Jonah 3:52016-09-1800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Emulating Ezra - Teach His Statutes Ez 7:102016-09-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Emulating Ezra - Do His Will Ez 7:102016-08-2800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Emulating Ezra - Study His Law Ez 7:102016-08-1400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Emulating Ezra Ez 7:102016-08-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  A New Commandment I Give You John 13:312016-07-3100:00 Weekly Sermons
  What Does The Bible Say About The Rapture? Acts 8:352016-07-2400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Praising Mary For Praising God Luke 1:26-562016-07-1700:00 Weekly Sermons
  An Alter Called "Witness" - Avoiding The Assumption That Good Brethren Are In Sin Gal 2:3-52016-07-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Blessings Of God's Grace Eph 1:32016-06-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Israel Trip 2016 Pt. 2 Matt 232016-06-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Most Spiritual Summer Ever Part 2 Col 32016-06-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Most Spiritual Summer Ever Col 1:1-32016-06-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Israel Trip 2016 Josh 11:132016-06-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Dealing With The World Like Daniel Dan 1:82016-05-2900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Rejoice In The Lord Phil 3:12016-05-2900:00 Weekly Sermons
  He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease John 3:302016-05-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  5 Lessons From The Wealthy Shunammite Woman 2 Kings 42016-05-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Lessons On Love From The Song Of Songs Which Is Solomon's Song of Solomon2016-05-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  That You May Believe: Do Not Fear 2 Tim 1:32016-04-2400:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Women Of Christ's Genealogy Matt 1:12016-04-1000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Be Angry And Do Not Sin Eph 4:26-272016-04-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Tychicus (A Trusted Tongue) Acts 20:42016-03-2700:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Lies Of Satan About God John 8:442016-03-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Blessed Are The Peacemakers Matt 5:92016-03-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  That You May Believe: The Resurrection 1 Cor 15:132016-02-2800:00 Weekly Sermons
  They Will Know You By Your Love For Your Enemies Matt 5:382016-02-2100:00 Weekly Sermons
  They Will Know You By Your Love For God John 13:34-352016-02-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Fathers, Do Not Provoke Your Children...But Bring Them Up In...The Lord Eph 6:42016-01-2400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Husband, Love Your Wife....And Give Yourself For Her Eph 5:22-332016-01-1700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Be Strong And Prove Yourself A Man 1 Kings 2:1-102016-01-1000:00 Weekly Sermons
  So I Sought For A Man... Ez 22:302016-01-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Four Essential Elements Of Lasting "Resolutions" Psa 119:57-602015-12-2700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Sufficient For The Day Is Its Own Trouble Matt 6:342015-12-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's The Big Deal With How I Am Saved? Luke 14:26-372015-12-0600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Why Should You Be A Liberal? 2 Cor 9:5-152015-11-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Lessons On God's Providence - the Book of Esther Est 3:12-152015-11-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Can We Know That We Have The New Testament Text? 2015-11-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin Matt 22:34-402015-11-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Fasting And The Christian Matt 6:16-182015-11-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Pursuing Unity Despite Personality Differences John 17:20-212015-10-1100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Pursuing Unity Despite Personality Differences PT 2 1 Cor 9:19-232015-10-1100:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's The Big Deal With Authority? Col 3:172015-10-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Job's Debate And Us Job 32:32015-09-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Zeal For Your House Has Eaten Me Up! John 2:13-172015-09-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Stones, Snakes, & Scorpions Luke 11:9-132015-08-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Back To School John 17:13-202015-08-2300:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Not To Respond To (Others') Repentance Matt 27:1-102015-08-1600:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's The Big Deal With The Name "Church Of Christ" 1 Pet 2:9-102015-08-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Increase Our Faith Luke 172015-07-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  One Faith Eph 4:4-62015-07-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Jonah & Our Evangelism Today Jonah 32015-07-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Jonathan: A True Friend 2 Sam 1:252015-07-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  More Than "Simply Steadying" - Lessons From Uzzah & The Ark 2 Sam 62015-06-2800:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Four Confessions We All Must Make Phil 2:92015-06-1400:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's The Big Deal With The Apostle's Pattern & Your Traditions Phil 3:172015-06-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain Phil 1:212015-05-3100:00 Weekly Sermons
  12 Suggestions For Spiritual Growth & Strength After Graduation Phil 42015-05-3100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Raised In The House Of God 2 Chron 222015-05-2400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Having Your Feet Shod With The Preparation Of The Gospel Of Peace PART II Eph 62015-05-1700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Having Your Feet Shod With The Preparation Of The Gospel Of Peace PART I Eph 62015-05-1000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Ruth Could, Can You? Ruth2015-04-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Do You Want To Be Happy? John 5:1-292015-04-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's The Big Deal With Instrumental Music? Eph 5:18-192015-04-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  So Let Your Light Shine! Matt 5:132015-03-2900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Be Salt. Be Light. Matt 5:22015-03-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  When My Love To Man Grows Weak Eph 4:31-322015-03-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  When My Love To Christ Grows Weak Psa 382015-03-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  6 Things We Need To "Be" To Accomplish God's Work 2 Tim 22015-02-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Passover & Crucifixion Of Jesus - Part 2 John 1:292015-02-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Strengthening Our Faith Through Their Bad Arguments 2 Tim 3:162015-02-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Passover & Crucifixion Of Jesus - Part 1 2 Pet 3:82015-02-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  What's The Big Deal With Eating In The Church Building? Heb 10:192015-02-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Flood And Fire 2 Pet 32015-01-1800:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Loving Husband & An Unfaithful Wife Hosea 2:19-202015-01-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Disciple By Night - Nicodemus In The Gospel Of John John 12014-12-2800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Fear Cannot Exist With Faith Rev 21:82014-12-1400:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Old Testament Shadow Of New Testament Salvation Heb 8:42014-12-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Addressing Homosexuality In a Godly & Biblical Way: Part 3 - Coming To Conclusions Gen 32014-11-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Addressing Homosexuality In a Godly & Biblical Way: Part 2 - Answering The Arguments James 1:12-152014-11-2300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Addressing Homosexuality In a Godly & Biblical Way: Part 1 - Identifying The Issues Gen 2:23,242014-11-1600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Inconvenient Christianity Acts 24:22-272014-11-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  What Does The New Testament Say About Visitors? Acts 5:412014-11-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Amos and America Amos 4:122014-10-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Give Thanks In Every Circumstance Phil 4:42014-10-2600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Contemplating My Judgement Heb 9:27-282014-10-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Why What Is Really Left Behind Is The Bible Rev 12014-10-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Matt 6:112014-10-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Hard Work And The Christian Gen 2:22014-09-1400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Two Lost Sons Luke 15:112014-09-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Do We Teach Our Children? Judges 2:72014-08-3100:00 Weekly Sermons
  What Do We Teach Our Children? Matt 42014-08-2400:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Courage of Caleb Josh 142014-08-1700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Making Connections From Time And Locations Matt 26:302014-08-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Mount Moriah: Where The Lord Provided Gen 222014-07-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Tabernacle Rev 21:1-42014-07-0600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Right Responses Isa 6 / Luke 52014-06-2900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Faith To Face The Fire Daniel 3:17-182014-06-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Jesus King Of Kings IV Eph 6:10-132014-06-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Jesus King Of Kings III Psa 44:222014-06-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Jesus, King Of Kings II 1 Sam 8:19-202014-06-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Six Traits Of Strong Families Proverbs2014-06-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Jesus, King Of Kings Rev 19:11-162014-05-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Virtuous Woman & Ruth Prov 31:102014-05-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Blessed Is The Man... Psa 12014-05-1800:00 Weekly Sermons
  Rebuilding The Wall Of Jerusalem Neh 4:1-32014-05-1100:00 Weekly Sermons
  How To Be Watchful 1 Cor 16:132014-05-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Open Door Of Opportunity Rev 3:7,82014-04-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Respect Others Matt 22:34-402014-04-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Respect Psa 139:142014-03-3000:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Glory, Power & Majesty of God Isa 40:12-172014-03-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Sin Lies At The Door Gen 4:72014-02-2300:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Lord Is My Shepherd Psa 232014-02-1600:00 Weekly Sermons
  I Am Your Servant & Son....Save Me! 2 Kings 162014-02-0900:00 Weekly Sermons
  Do Not Worry Matt 6:24-242014-01-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Confession Of David: Part 2 1 John 1:8-92014-01-1200:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Confession Of David: Part 1 Psa 512014-01-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Separating Fact From Fiction On Judging Matt 72013-12-2900:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Does The Bible Define "Christian"? 1 Pet 4:162013-12-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Have You Considered My Servant Job? Job 1:62013-12-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  So I Sought... Ez 22:302013-12-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Dependability In Speech & Deed Psa 152013-12-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  He That Endures To The End Matt 10:222013-11-2400:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Leper Of Gratitude: Our Relationship With God Luke 172013-11-1700:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Leper Of Gratitude: Our Relationships With Others Luke 172013-11-1000:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Leper Of Grattitude Luke 17:11-192013-11-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Do Not Add Or Take From God's Word Rev 22:18-192013-10-2700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Self-Control Gal 5:162013-10-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Three Answers To One Question: "What Must I Do To Be Saved?" 1 Cor 152013-10-0600:00 Weekly Sermons
  They've Been Baptized, Now What? Mark 12:28-342013-09-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  I've Been Baptized, Now What? Part 3: A New Perspective Acts 2:40-472013-09-2200:00 Weekly Sermons
  I've Been Baptized, Now What? Part 2: Fellowship In Truth Acts 2:40-472013-09-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  I've Been Baptized, Now What? Part 1: Growing In Joy Acts 2:40-472013-09-0800:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Philistine With A Good Heart Gen 202013-09-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Saul The Lost Leader 1 Sam 92013-08-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Joshua: Be A Leader! Exo 17:92013-08-1140:19 Weekly Sermons
  Overcoming Weakness Heb 12:11-142013-07-2136:50 Weekly Sermons
  Noah & The Ark: Obedience By Faith Heb11:72013-07-2138:36 Weekly Sermons
  Esther: Courage When It Counts! Esther2013-07-1441:29 Weekly Sermons
  Our Willingness To Forgive Gen 502013-07-0738:36 Weekly Sermons
  The Book That Was Lost In The House Of The Lord 2 Kings 222013-06-3010:59 Weekly Sermons
  Excuses, Excuses, Excuses Exo 322013-06-1640:43 Weekly Sermons
  Hate Evil / Love Good Gal 5:162013-06-0946:42 Weekly Sermons
  Heaven: Only Four Steps Away Gen 28:11-162013-06-0938:26 Weekly Sermons
  The Confessions & Denials Of Peter Matt 7:212013-05-2638:05 Weekly Sermons
  A Narrow Way....Found By Few Matt 7:13-142013-05-1939:29 Weekly Sermons
  The Poverty Of Jesus 2 Cor 82013-05-0542:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Fool Despises Instruction Luke 12:162013-04-2846:17 Weekly Sermons
  Prayer In The Life of Christ Part 1 John 13:12013-04-2141:55 Weekly Sermons
  Having The Right Heart In Prayer Matt 6:52013-04-0737:35 Weekly Sermons
  An Example In Purity 1 Tim 4:122013-03-3144:08 Weekly Sermons
  Thyatira: Overcoming The Pressures Of Perversion Rev 2:18-292013-03-0341:12 Weekly Sermons
  Ephesus: Overcoming The Loss Of Love Rev 22013-02-1741:29 Weekly Sermons
  With God It Is Possible! Isa402013-02-1040:24 Weekly Sermons
  Abortion: Answering The Arguments Gen 1:262013-02-0341:28 Weekly Sermons
  Am I My Brother's Keeper? Gen 4:12013-01-2738:56 Weekly Sermons
  God's Grace Titus 2:112013-01-2734:23 Weekly Sermons
  How Do We Get Ready For Evangelism? John 4:34-362013-01-2035:34 Weekly Sermons
  7 Characteristics Of Great Churches 2013-01-2036:59 Weekly Sermons
  To Live Is Christ Phil 1:212013-01-1331:22 Weekly Sermons
  Stand Like Joshua...With Prayer Joshua 7: 1-162013-01-0636:18 Weekly Sermons
  The Three Men Of Third John 3rd John2012-12-3039:55 Weekly Sermons
  Can These Bones Live? Ezk 372012-12-3043:10 Weekly Sermons
  True Value Col 32012-12-1636:37 Weekly Sermons
  Lessons From Nehemiah: Overcoming Obstacles To Godly Endeavors Nehemiah 12012-12-0938:55 Weekly Sermons
  When Sodom Lives In Lot's Family 2nd Pet 2 6-92012-12-0241:16 Weekly Sermons
  The Message Of Christ In Our Culture John 32012-11-2542:05 Weekly Sermons
  The Cost of Compassion Luke 10:252012-11-1837:46 Weekly Sermons
  Don't Be Shortsighted, Even To Blindness 2 Pet2012-11-1139:28 Weekly Sermons
  What Is Reasonable To Expect From God Rom 12 1-82012-11-1131:41 Weekly Sermons
  Blessed Is He Whose Transgression Is Forgiven Psalm 322012-10-2844:36 Weekly Sermons
  The Rich Man And Lazarus Luke 162012-10-1434:16 Weekly Sermons
  Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled John 142012-10-1432:49 Weekly Sermons
  Why Didn't God Say It Plainly? 2 Pet 32012-10-0745:50 Weekly Sermons
  A Study of Daniel Daniel2012-09-3037:48 Weekly Sermons
  The Christian And Politics Phi 1:12012-09-2337:06 Weekly Sermons
  Daniel Purposes To Not Be Defiled Daniel 12012-09-1638:04 Weekly Sermons
  God's Lawsuit Jer 22012-09-0941:59 Weekly Sermons
  Mistakes We Do Not Want To Repeat Psa 1062012-09-0934:28 Weekly Sermons
  I'm Not Ashamed To Own My Lord Gen 2:252012-08-2638:09 Weekly Sermons
  What Caused A New Testament Church To Be Praised? 1 Thess 1: 2-102012-08-1940:42 Weekly Sermons
  Sardis: Death By Defilement Rev 32012-08-1244:46 Weekly Sermons
  The Miracles Of Jesus II 2012-07-3140:13 Weekly Sermons
  Sibling Rivalry: Jacob & Esau Gen 25:222012-07-0839:51 Weekly Sermons
  The Crucifixion of Christ Heb 9:162012-06-2445:50 Weekly Sermons
  Glorified By Association? Prov 31:232012-06-1037:32 Weekly Sermons
  What Paul's Preaching Wasn't Part 2 1 Thess 22012-06-0342:06 Weekly Sermons
  What Paul's Preaching Wasn't 1 Thess 2:12012-05-2739:49 Weekly Sermons
  The Benefits Of Confession Psalms 322012-05-1341:45 Weekly Sermons
  Gods Invitation 2012-05-0638:27 Weekly Sermons
  Striving To Be Holy: Attitude Titus 2:11-142012-04-2935:55 Weekly Sermons
  Striving to be Holy: Purity 2012-04-2236:46 Weekly Sermons
  Six Features of Powerful Prayer James 5:16-18; 1 Kings 18:41-462012-04-2233:38 Weekly Sermons
  Striving To Be Holy: Sober and Alert 2 Cor 6:142012-04-1534:44 Weekly Sermons
  Striving To Be Holy 2012-04-0840:33 Weekly Sermons
  Suffering to Glory: A Strange Thing? 1 Pet 4:122012-04-0135:53 Weekly Sermons
  Why Have A Gospel Meeting? Eph 5:152012-03-1839:36 Weekly Sermons
  The Sins That Crucified Jesus Luke 23:342012-03-0441:29 Weekly Sermons
  Lessons On Leadership from Deborah Judges 4-52012-02-1936:07 Weekly Sermons
  Ezekiel Plucks A Tulip Ezekiel 182012-01-0839:59 Weekly Sermons
  Pierce My Ear: The Benefits of Slavery Exodus 21:2-62011-11-1438:54 Weekly Sermons
  Bridling the Tongue Part 1: The Tongue and the Christian Character James 1:262011-10-2335:35 Weekly Sermons
  Bridling the Tongue Part 2: How to Bridle the Tongue James 1:262011-10-2136:46 Weekly Sermons
  Understanding the OT Part 2: The Solution to Sin Presented Genesis 122011-06-2642:57 Weekly Sermons
  Understanding The Old Testament Part 1 - The Problem With Sin Genesis 3-112011-06-1244:06 Weekly Sermons
  The Beatitudes and Their Contrasting Woes Luke 6:20-262011-05-2939:12 Weekly Sermons
  Now That You've Graduated Eph 5:15-172011-05-2935:49 Weekly Sermons
  Why Have A Website? John 4:342011-05-2240:02 Weekly Sermons
  Blessed are the Peacemakers Matthew 5:92011-05-0134:58 Weekly Sermons
  Gossip 2010-12-1240:49 Weekly Sermons
  Heaven 2010-12-0540:04 Weekly Sermons
  Light, Momentary Affliction 2010-11-2836:06 Weekly Sermons
  What Does It Take To Follow The Example Of Christ 2010-11-2136:42 Weekly Sermons
  Heap Coals of Fire on His Head 2010-11-1440:26 Weekly Sermons
  Who Will Separate Us From God? 2010-11-0723:21 Weekly Sermons
  The Laborers In The Vineyard 2010-10-3137:09 Weekly Sermons
  Seeing More Like God Sees 2010-10-2438:31 Weekly Sermons
  Understanding Authority: Common Sense Biblical Interpretaion 2010-10-1740:14 Understanding Authority
  Spiritual Blessings in Christ from Ephesians 2010-10-1736:43 Weekly Sermons
  The Authority of the New Testament 2010-10-1042:13 Understanding Authority
  Authority: Where Do We Get It? 2010-10-0339:03 Understanding Authority
  The Sign of Jonah 2010-10-0338:43 Weekly Sermons
  Anger, Wrath, and Bitterness 2010-09-2639:40 Weekly Sermons
  What Makes Us Different As Christians 2010-09-1937:58 Weekly Sermons
  Godly Priorities from Haggai 2010-09-0536:17 Weekly Sermons
  Do We Overemphasize The Bible? 2010-08-2946:18 Weekly Sermons
  Back To School 2010-08-2236:06 Weekly Sermons
  Why We're Just Like Solomon 2010-08-1540:07 Weekly Sermons
  I Will Be Sincere in My Religion 2010-08-0141:04 Weekly Sermons
  The Day of the Lord 2010-07-2535:22 Weekly Sermons
  Practical Admonitions from the Resurrection 2010-07-1835:03 Weekly Sermons
  True Repentance Part 2 2010-07-1140:26 Weekly Sermons
  Increasing Our Faithfulness 2010-06-2738:17 Weekly Sermons
  True Repentance Part 1 2010-06-2036:30 Weekly Sermons
  What It Really Means To Know God 2010-06-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Solomon 2010-06-0641:45 Lessons From Kings
  David 2010-06-0641:40 Lessons From Kings
  Saul 2010-06-0642:36 Lessons From Kings
  Introduction 2010-06-0641:31 Lessons From Kings
  Rehoboam & Jeroboam 2010-06-0641:29 Lessons From Kings
  Omri 2010-06-0643:45 Lessons From Kings
  Ahab 2010-06-0640:34 Lessons From Kings
  Jehu, Jerobaom II & the Fall 2010-06-0643:47 Lessons From Kings
  Hezekiah 2010-06-0640:17 Lessons From Kings
  Josiah 2010-06-0641:29 Lessons From Kings

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

No question is more important than this. We make many important decisions in life regarding matters such as education, marriage, and occupation. But none is as transcending as that which affects our soul's eternity (Matt. 16:26).


"Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?"

Luke 9:23-25