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Please note our new Sunday afternoon meeting time. Starting June 4, we will meet at 5:00PM

Sermons of Our Members

Our Members



At the Timberland Drive church of Christ we are blessed to have many men who are capable of preaching the gospel in sincerity and truth.  We believe in allowing them to use their talents and continue to grow in their ability.  Thus, throughout the year men of the congregation prepare and bring sermons from God’s Word.

Website of Our Members
Title Scripture Reference Date Time Series Additional file
  The Peace That God Gives - Pat Penn John 152017-09-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Lust - Todd Martin James 1:152017-08-0600:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Rich Man & Lazarus - Ty Thornton Luke 16:19-312017-07-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Three Facts To Remember About Jesus - Ken Vaughan Rom 12017-04-0200:00 Weekly Sermons
  Walking In The Fear Of The Lord - Todd Martin Acts 9:312017-01-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  A Life With God - Jerry Johnson Job 1:82016-12-0400:00 Weekly Sermons
  How Beautiful Heaven Must Be - Pat Penn Rev 212016-08-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Our Influence On Others - Ty Thornton Matt 52016-07-1000:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Work In Ethiopia - Randy Harshbarger 2016-06-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  3 Things To Combat Evil In Our Lives - Codie Jenkins Matt 26:412016-05-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Are You A "Church Of Christ" Christian? - Brent Slatter 1 Cor 1:22016-04-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  How To Win New Souls - Jesse Sisco Ezk 332016-02-0700:00 Weekly Sermons
  God Is Faithful - Eric Vaughn 1 John 1:52015-08-1600:00 Weekly Sermons
  Broken Hearts Or Hearts Broken Open? - John Kilgore 2015-07-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  I Will Send You - Pat Penn Ex 32015-06-2100:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Faith Of Abraham - Clay Thornton Rom 4:13-222015-06-2100:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Example of Isaiah - Ty Thornton Isa 62015-05-0300:00 Weekly Sermons
  Certainty In The Unknown - Clay Thornton James 4:132015-04-1900:00 Weekly Sermons
  What Did The Centurion See? - Josh Adams Matt 272015-04-0500:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Creation Of The Lord - Codie Jenkins Psa 82015-03-1500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Overcoming Stubborness - Jessie Sisco Rom 8:382015-02-0100:00 Weekly Sermons
  Is There Absolute Truth? - Colton McDaniel John 18:28-382015-01-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  The Lord Is On His Throne - Colton McDaniel Isa 62015-01-2500:00 Weekly Sermons
  Adding To The Church - Bo Couchman Acts 17:242014-09-1400:00 Weekly Sermons
  Preaching The Gospel In Costa Rica - Steve Reeves 2014-07-1300:00 Weekly Sermons
  King Jesus Reigns - David Tant 2014-04-2700:00 Weekly Sermons
  Reexamining Our Priorities - Larry McClenny Matt 6:24-342014-03-0900:00 Weekly Sermons
  What Makes Up A Denomination? - Bill Reeves 2013-10-2000:00 Weekly Sermons
  Lay Up Heavenly Treasures - Larry McClenny Matt 6:192013-06-1634:59 Weekly Sermons
  Hold Fast To God - Steve Bergman Heb 10:19-252013-06-0923:32 Weekly Sermons
  The Power Of Decisions - Jim Smitherman Heb 11:242012-09-0240:52 Weekly Sermons
  Are You Happy? - Jim Lynn Psalms 1:1-62012-08-0533:35 Weekly Sermons
  Jonah: Lessons on Sin, Repentance and Forgiveness Jonah 32012-08-0130:03 Weekly Sermons
  Don't Let Fear Swallow You Whole Jonah 22012-07-3140:58 Weekly Sermons
  the Church - Worship 1 Pet 22012-04-0142:12 Weekly Sermons
  He Who Gives, Give With Liberality Romans 12:82012-01-0131:13 Weekly Sermons
  Jesus Confronts Sin John 8:12011-06-0525:43 Weekly Sermons
  David's Mighty Men 2 Samuel 232011-05-0842:20 Weekly Sermons  Slides

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

No question is more important than this. We make many important decisions in life regarding matters such as education, marriage, and occupation. But none is as transcending as that which affects our soul's eternity (Matt. 16:26).


"Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?"

Luke 9:23-25